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Wedding Ring

We know how challenging and unclear this period is, let us be here for you.

Marriage is more than just a union formed out of love, it is also a legally binding contract made between two people, and Divorce is the dissolution of that legal contract. 

The decision to get married and to commit might have been an easy one, however, the decision to end your marriage can be overwhelming and scary. 

Selecting the right attorney that will curate for you a legal plan, is the ultimate key to obtaining a successful outcome. 


We pride ourselves on the dedication we have toward our clients. We work hard to make sure all aspects of your divorce are evaluated since we know that this divorce settlement or court ruling will impact your life now and for many years to come.

At Itach & Avitan, we firmly believe in and favor alternative dispute resolution methods in divorce and we try to avoid the courtroom and litigation. The alternative methods we favor, include mediation and the use of negotiation tools. Of course, we know that there are situations where attending court is inevitable.


Our priority, always, is to follow the path that is in your best interest to achieve the best and most realistic outcome. 

We will stand by you through this whole journey and are prepared for any bumps in the road that might show up along the way.

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