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About Us

Let Us Introduce ourselves

After years of working together, Yael and Nitzan have mastered a perfect method and approach on to how to deal with family matters in Israel.

Growing up in Canada, Yael speaks your language and understands the anglo - culture. 

Nitzan, growing up in Israel, really understands the "craziness" of the Israeli culture. 

This perfect mix combined with all the tools and experiences we share best helps us deal with the Israeli court system.

We believe in educating you and providing guidance and clarity throughout the entire process. 

Part of our goal is to create and build a safe, calm, and respectful rapport with you so they can fully understand your issues and expectations so that your best outcome will be understood in the full context. 

We pride ourselves that our advice is not just technical, but practical. We will help you see beyond your family law matter. 

Clients involve us when relationships are beginning and when they are ending. Both will be moments of change in your life and their aim is to make sure these changes are as positive as possible and to ensure your goals remain within reach.

This Is Us

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